General Information

At least one of the authors must be a Kanazawa University associate, either a current/retired faculty member, an undergraduate/graduate student or one who graduated from Kanazawa University or its graduate school.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to in PDF format. By submitting a manuscript, the authors acknowledge that it is original and has not being submitted elsewhere.

All articles in Volume 54 (2010) and thereafter have been qualified by the refereeing system. Acceptance for the publication is based on the peer-review reports from referees nominated by the editorial committee. When a manuscript is accepted for publication after the refereeing process, the copyright of the manuscript is transferred to the Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University.

Types of manuscripts

The Science Reports of Kanazawa University publishes original research in two formats: Articles and Letters. Articles represent complete studies and are not restricted in length. Letters are short manuscripts for prompt announcement and are restricted in length to the equivalent of five journal pages, including figures, tables and references. The authors should choose one of these types upon submission. The templates in LaTeX and Microsoft Word formats are found in the below, which can help authors to determine the manuscript length.

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts must be written in English and contain the following elements in the order specified below.

  1. title
  2. names of authors
  3. affiliations, addresses and e-mail addresses
  4. abstract
  5. key words
  6. body of the paper
  7. references
In order to prepare a manuscript, the authors are requested to use our Template in either LaTeX or Microsoft Word format. The authors can choose either a style of single column or double columns for their manuscript. To submit a manuscript, the authors must only send PDF file of the manuscript. When the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors will be asked for the source file of the final version of the manuscript and other necessary electronic data of figures and tables.